Courses Taught

Carleton College

H174  Spring 2019 Indigenous Rights in Modern Latin America

See Student DH Projects Linked Above

H170  Winter 2019 Modern Latin America

H275  Winter 2019 History of the US-Mexico Border

See Student DH Projects Linked Above

H173 Fall 2018      Natural Disaster and Society in Latin America

H276 Fall 2018      Race, Sex, and the Cold War in Latin America

University of Virginia

HILA 3559   Summer 2018          The Cuban Revolution

HILA 2002   Spring 2018 “Modern Latin America”

HILA 4511   Spring 2018 “Colloquium in Latin American History: Telling Global Histories”

HILA 2559   Fall 2017      “Land to the People! Mines to the State! Environmental Histories of Revolution in Latin America”

HILA 1501   Fall 2017      “Introductory Seminar in Latin American History: Migratory Nations: Community, Conflict, and Identity”

University of Wisconsin

HIST 441      Fall 2014      “Revolution and Conflict in Modern Latin America”

Oakhill Prison Humanities Partnership

2015-2016 “Ideas that Changed World History,” “Foundations of Nations” “The Blackhawk War,” “You Are What You Eat” “Migrations in the Americas” “History from Unlikely Sources: Reading Fiction as History”